Happy World Gin (with a hint of cucumber) Day!


A few weeks ago the lovely chaps at Gordon’s sent me their new flavour of gin and mixer for me to sample. Obviously I was thrilled (I love gin), and with it being World Gin Day today, I took the liberty of sampling it last night… it’s such a difficult job this blogging business sometimes. 😉

Their new flavour is Gordon’s Dry Gin, mixed with Indian Tonic water and a hint of cucumber. It comes in a slim 250ml can and is 6.4% vol. The packaging is lovely – it’s bright and premium and wouldn’t look out of place in a bucket of ice at a barbecue, and if you’re heading somewhere and you don’t want the hassle of sorting out gin and mixers, this is a perfect and delicious alternative.


So on to the taste. Gin, as much as I love it, can sometimes leave a slight bitter after taste in the month – cheap gins more so. Best served cold, the Gin with cucumber was really refreshing and very sweet, with no sign of the bitterness I expected. It’s also very refreshing and is easy to drink as a non-alcoholic fizzy drink – which could be dangerous. The cucumber is a hint, it’s not at all overpowering and I think it helps to balance out any bitterness to give it a smoother flavour.

Would I recommend it? Yes. It’s delicious and I’ll certainly be buying it for myself. Want some? I’m pretty sure it will be selling it most large supermarkets at a steal of around £2 (imagine buying it in a bar). The flavoured gin can also be purchased in a large bottle too.

So, happy World Gin Day everyone. Off to a BBQ tonight to drink lots of Gin, so I’ll see you on the other side.

Until tomorrow


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