I am utterly in love with my Joseph Joseph garlic crusher…


Normal girls ask for clothes, make-up and perfume for Christmas. Foodies, like me, ask for tea pots, chocolate and garlic crushers (yes, I asked Dan to get me a garlic crusher for Christmas).

Being a designer, I wouldn’t expect anything but impecable product selections from him. I would have happily gone down to Wilkos and purchased a rickety old thing that would last me a week – however Dan pulled it out of the bag and got me a plastic Rocker garlic crusher from Joseph Joseph in Purple. I loved it and used it every day (no, really – we eat garlic most days),  until it snapped a little, and then in half. I was gutted.

So, off I went to Twitter to seek some help from the Joseph Joseph team. Their response was quick, their customer service was amazing and they apologised and informed me that I had an early batch, and that any future Rocker garlic crushers wouldn’t be prone to cracking like mine. To be sure I wasn’t going to bash it about and break another one, they kindly sent me the Rocker 100 garlic crusher – a stainless steel upgrade on my previous crusher… I can safely say that this is my favourite kitchen utensil – I love it!

When prepping garlic I used my silicone peeler, and my Rocker crusher to stop me from getting smelly garlic on my hands. The steel model is much sharper than the plastic one, making crushing even easier… I simply scoop it off with a spoon without any smelly garlicky mess!

Oh and as a gesture of goodwill they also send me these amazing kitchen utensils – my existing spatulas have been downgraded and these sit proudly alongside my wooden spoons in a nice new pot next to the cooker – I’m sure you see more of them in blogs to come.


So, if you’re looking for a garlic crusher, invest in this bad boy (and this isn’t a PR plug)!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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