Sometimes I just want to bake a cake…


Since starting this challenge, I’ve found real comfort in creating food. Dan’s commented lots of times on how relaxed I am when I’m getting creative in the kitchen – work and life can be so stressful sometimes. Out of all the food I make, nothing relaxes me more so than baking a cake.

I was crap at baking cakes before I started this challenge. I’d made a few – the majority were dry, didn’t rise or fell apart out of the tin. What’s changed? How am I able to make cakes now when I was so terrible previously? To be honest, I have no idea. Practice has helped… but also my whole energy and approach towards spending time in the kitchen. I don’t just throw things together and hope for the best – I take my time, consider what I’m putting in and will for it to work… in the hope that my positive energy towards said cake will result in a better taste…

Baking cakes isn’t something just reserved for stress relief – sometimes I bake because I’m happy. I get an overwhelming urge to home-make, and bake, and fuss and clean and potter and general house-wifey stuff I’m getting into way before my time.

Sometimes I want to bake and I don’t know why. All I know is that baking cakes makes me feel at ease with everything – and I never want that to change.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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