Date night at the Greedy Greek!


We don’t get to eat out much at the moment. A combination of starting a new job with a different pay day, and other such ‘grown up’ stuff means that money is tight at the moment – so we cook in with cheap ingredients as much as we can, and make do with whatever is in the fridge.

Even though we went food shopping today – neither of us wanted to cook. All we wanted was to sit somewhere chilled out, have some delicious and relatively healthy food made for us, and have a drink – all under a tenner. ‘Impossible’ I hear you say? Well, you’ve obviously never had an impromptu date night at the Greedy Greek, have you?

I love this place – we’ve been loads of times before. As the name suggests, Greedy Greek serves up the very best of Greek cuisine – I went for my usual falafel wrap and Dan tucked into a chicken one. Working as an eatery and a take away, it’s a ‘no fuss, no nonsense’ kinda place. The decor and the tables do their job, and the service polite and very fast, Dan had barely sat down after ordering and our food was brought to our table. Staff were jumping from one customer to the next – which is great, it was busy with take-away and eat in orders – it had a real buzz about the place.

It’s a sunny night so we walked down there and back via the Botanical Gardens. On the way back we picked up a bar of chocolate and we’ve made it home in good time to catch a film before we go to bed. No fuss. Just a nice cheap date night and an opportunity to eat and spend time together – without the distraction of cooking and washing up.

Ok, so it may not have been the most glamourous of date nights – but it was lovely all the same! If you’ve never been to the Greedy Greek on Sharrowvale Road, you’re missing out…

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Date night at the Greedy Greek!”

  1. Kate

    Good to see that you can still have an amazing meal without spending a fortune.


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