The perfect breakfast combo: Pancakes, honey yoghurt and passion fruit!


A few months ago I was asked to reviewed Rachel’s Organic yoghurts – I’ve been going wild for yoghurts recently, so I jumped at the chance to test out some of the Rachel’s range. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll have seen that I’ve been snacking on Rachel’s yoghurts in bed, with banana and oats (yum) and I’ve also had the Gooseberry flavour of Rachel’s on my muesli every morning this week – I hate having bland milk in the morning, I much prefer a sweet or tangy yoghurt. I’ve looked forward to breakfast every day with this stuff, and I’ll be picking some up to have with my cereal moving forwards – it’s so creamy (yet so guilt free)!

Out of the whole range (well the flavours I could find at my local Sainsburys) I have to say that the Greek Style Honey flavour wins my vote, hands down. I prefer yoghurt without bits in and I have a major sweet tooth – this is rich, creamy and sweet. It’s proven to be a low-fat go to treat – and I’ve just finished my second pack of the stuff. I’m hooked.

Whilst eating with banana and oats is amazing, if you want a real treat (or a healthy weekend breakfast), I can’t recommend this enough. Heat up some pancakes, top them with a few heaped spoons of Rachel’s Organic Greek Style Honey yoghurt and some passion fruit. I know it looks a bit weird but trust me, it will knock your socks off – it’s seriously scrummy.


I’ve also make some scone/biscuits with Rachels Organic in raspberry – but I’ll save this as a recipe for another day! In the meantime, nip out to Sainsburys and treat yourself to this tomorrow morning!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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