Recipe #57: Quark stuffed chicken [super healthy]


Today I received a lovely parcel from the guys at Lake District Dairy Company. They sent me three samples of Quark. It’s a type of low fat ‘spoonable’ cheese that’s somewhere between soft cheese and yoghurt. I hadn’t heard of it either – but after a quick search on Google I found that it’s popular in mainland Europe, most specifically Germany – and apparently it tastes great mixed with Nutella (I will be trying this with one of the other flavours.)

Talking of flavours they sent me lemon, vanilla and natural. Tonight I used the natural one so I can’t tell you much about the others – I’ll save those two for another blog post! What I can tell you is that the natural Quark tastes rich and creamy without being too cheesy – which is strange as each 30g serving only contains 19 calories – I don’t count my calories – however this is amazing. If you’re watching your weight or cholesterol – this is an amazing alternative to spreadable cheese.

Getting to grips with Quark I decided to rustle up a chicken dish. I popped into Leeds Market at lunch time to buy some chicken fillets, bacon, asparagus and potatoes. I love that place and I’m so happy my new work is just around the corner. If you live in Leeds and you don’t buy food from the markets – you should! Not only is it cheap, the service is fantastic and the quality of the food is top notch.


Now, back on to my recipe. I made chicken stuffed with Quark and wrapped in bacon, served with baked asparagus and boiled fluffy potatoes. This was so easy to make and Dan was very impressed with the flavours – even baked the Quark still tastes rich and creamy.

To make it you’ll need:

  • 2 chicken breasts (we bought fillets and we had to share one)
  • 1 250g pack of natural Quark (available in more supermarkets)
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 spring onion
  • 4 rashers of bacon
  • Pepper


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 200 degrees. In a bowl add in your Quark then mix in your crushed garlic, spring onions and some pepper – make sure it is well combined before placing to one side.
  2. Take your chicken breast and score down the middle lengthways, leaving a gap at either of about 1cm and not cutting right through your chicken – this should make a gap for your Quark mix. Then, on either side of the cut slice sideways to create little pockets either side of the chicken, again not cutting right through. Stuff this with Quark.
  3. Wrap with bacon and bake in the oven for 25 minutes.
  4. Serve up and enjoy!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Recipe #57: Quark stuffed chicken [super healthy]”

    • hayleyjaynefood

      I’ve only just started going to Leeds Market, however on the Butchers Row I went to the first one on the left as you head down the ramp. The chap was really helpful and the meal was well priced – hope that helps xx


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