FACT: Sandwiches are best eaten on top of a hill

Sandwiches ARE best eaten at the top of a hill. This is a fact. After a big walk, getting muddy and clambering up some rough terrain, there is nothing more satisfying than snacking on a slightly squashed, slight warm homemade sandwiche whilst taking in an incredible view.

During the warmer months (or when it’s not raining or snowing), me and Dan make a point of walking as much as we can. The Peak District is on our doorstep. We only bought our little green car so we can make the most of our weekend by throwing some bikes in the back, or some walking boots on, and hitting some hills. It’s great – we’re lucky to live in such an amazing place.

Today we walked across Stanage Edge. We didn’t go far as I don’t feel too great today (darn immune system), so we maybe did about 3-5 miles, but we got some good exercise in all the same. Half way round we sat on some rocks, looking down the valleys towards Hope and Castleton and I took this picture. See… there really is no better place to eat and sandwich than on top of a hill.

945481_10152811596220024_1054501805_nThey were homemade ham sandwiches, as made by Dan. I washed my down with a cup of tea! Perfect – I couldn’t have enjoyed this sandwich in a better place!

Where’s the second best place to eat a sandwich? Well, that would be by a stream, listening to the gentle sound of trickling water. Well – I’d say so anyway. Do you disagree?

Here’s some more pictures from today:



Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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