Second hand serve ware and crockery


Just glancing around our kitchen, I would say that 60% of our serve ware and crockery is second hand. We try and hunt for things that are cheap as possible, and for items that have a story, and a life we want to continue – rather than opting for plain, generic mass-produced items from Ikea or Argos, with no personality. It makes a home look lived in… and real!

Today we went to Chesterfield Car Boot Sale at Twin Oaks Hotel… it’s interesting. When  say interesting, I mean to say the majority of stuff is tat – but that’s to be expected when people are trying to make a dollar from the things they no longer want or need. We saw a few creepy pot dolls, tatty shoes and 1990’s electricals… we also saw a suitcase full of remotes, which was a bit weird. However, in amongst all the tat and the junk we found a few fab little items to introduce into our home!

For the modest price of £7 I managed to get a beautiful blue painted square plate, and two oval plates with a green and gold trim – all perfect for serving cakes and sandwiches, some salt and pepper pots and three hand-painted teacups and saucers. The lady on the stall told me that she has a shop in Malton and usually sells them for £6 each… I got 3 for £5 with the two oval plates thrown in for free. She was fed up with the quality of the other stalls (like I said, they’re interesting) and was packing up to go home.

Not only is buying second hand cheaper… you’re salvaging something and giving it new life in your home – a beautiful item that could have easily been destined for landfill. In our apartment we have a 1950’s desk, a 1920’s dresser, an old piano and a TV we bought for £10 off Ebay (see, we’re really frugal). Throwing dinner parties with second hand and vintage crockery is fun too – you can really go to town with the table set up. I have two 1970’s cups I use as sauce pots and old jugs I use for breadsticks and crisps. What could easily look like a drab dinner party, soon becomes and vibrant table of colours, crockery and food. It’s so much food – and it’s lovely to treat friends to an experience, as well as nice food.

Here’s a closer look at what I bought today!

Hand painted cups ans saucers x3

Hand painted cups ans saucers x3

Salt and pepper pots

Salt and pepper pots

Painted  square plate

Painted square plate

Pretty oval plates

Pretty oval plates

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


3 Responses to “Second hand serve ware and crockery”

  1. judilyn

    Quite lovely, Hayley. I share your enthusiasm for these pleasing-to-the-eye pieces. So many folk reject mismatched pieces, when really, they are the most interesting!

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Totally agree – we’re getting married soon and I want all the crockery to be different. So much more interesting 🙂 x


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