Fish n’ chips Friday!


Whoooooaaaaa! It’s Friday. As I type, I have a glass of Cidre in my hand and I’m awaiting a delivery of fish n’ chips from Dan, Fera and Rich.

I haven’t had fish n’ chips for ages. When I was younger me and Mum used to have chippy tea on a Thursday from Tysons chip shop in Earby. Every so often, I’d go in for scraps with friends, and drench them with salt and vinegar before wandering off to eat them in a park – how healthy. No wonder I was a chubby teenager. I don’t know why we don’t have chippy teas any more – I suppose it comes part and parcel with a healthy lifestyle that fish n’ chips is a treat, rather than a weekly routine. I mean, I can have fish n’ chips without a soaking of ketchup and a few slices of bread… that’s enough to make anyone gain a few pounds.

Oh and we’re getting them from Two Steps – where else would we get our fish n’ chips from in Sheffield?

Is it weird that I have a fish n’ chip soundtrack? This song reminds me of the seaside and eating fish n’ chips from a polystyrine tray. Just me then?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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