Product review: Anisha Mistry Spices ‘Vegetable Mix’


Tonight I used one of the spice kits kindly sent to me by Anisha Mistry to review on my blog. I’ve been really excited about using these – but haven’t had the time to cook with them as we’ve had dinner guests and my new job has meant that life has been a little more manic than usual. So, I’ve put some time aside tonight to cook with the ‘Vegetable Mix.’

First of all, meet Anisha – a recipe conjurer, blogger and food columnist. She’s recently developed some wonderful small spice kits with the aim of introducing flavoursome spices into everyday British meals. The idea of cooking with spices I’d never used before, perfectly packaged for a meal for two made my ears prick up. I’ve always wanted to cook with Indian spices properly… you know, not with a gloopey takeaway style sauce – I had to try these – so Anisha popped some in the post.

The smell when we received the kits was AMAZING! Each kit includes seeds and spices and three lines of instructions to tell you what to do and how to do it (three lines of guidance to cook a Indian dish… I know, it couldn’t be simpler). Tonight we cooked butternut squash, mushrooms and courgette in the vegetable spice mix.

To make it, you heat some oil in a pan, add in the seeds, wait for it to sizzle then add in the vegetables and spices. You’d think that the spices would stick to the pan and that they would dry – but they didn’t. I also worried that the butternut wouldn’t cook, the smaller pieces cooked fine, but the larger ones could have done with longer – maybe 45 minutes in all. That said, it was really easy to make!


Now, on to the tasting. It certainly had my nose running – the spices weren’t too hot, but had enough of a kick for me to break a sweat. It tasted lovely – however for my next spice kit, I’m going to team it up with some yoghurt or chutney to balance the kick of the spice with something cool or sweet, rather than just eating with rice. If you want to cook vegetables with an Indian twist, without the need for gloopey sauce or expensive spices – I would definitely recommend this!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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