This one’s for you, Dan!


Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that my fiancé, Dan, is the biggest supporter of my My Food Challenge. He’s the first person I confided in when I initially came up with the idea to start this crazy challenge, and he’s been there every step of the way. Every time I get a surge a views… or an exciting tweet from a reader or subject of my blog – I tell Dan first, and he tells me he’s proud. Seriously – you’d think I was a big kid. He’s genuinely pleased when something amazing happens on My Food Challenge – it’s really sweet. He could just as easily dismiss it as a silly idea, but he doesn’t – he’s bought into it as much as I am.

Dan’s not just supportive in the sense that he says well done every once in a while – he’s very hands on. Dan washes up most nights – stirs things that are on the hob whilst I frantically type up a blog post, and does house work on the nights when I literally have ten minutes to write and publish a blog post before we’re out of the door again. He also comes to the shops with me – runs out to get ingredients if I’ve forgotten them and tells me to keep going on those days when I really don’t have the energy to write. He greases and lines my cake tins beautifully and tastes everything I make, and says its wonderful – even when it’s not (these don’t make the blog by the way).

Oh and he runs a business alongside putting up with a crazy, work-a-holic, blog-a-holic fiancé too. I know – he’s amazing right? I don’t tell him enough.

They say that behind every good man is a strong women – well I say that behind every crack-pot daily food blogger is an amazing fiancé.

Ok, so it’s a mushy post but seriously, I couldn’t write this blog everyday without him.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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