Sorry to neglect you, blog!


I’m writing tonight’s blog post sat on the floor on a train, outside the loo. I ran for the earlier train home as I’m off out for some leaving drinks this evening, I got to the station totally out of breath and only just squeezed on the train. It’s not all bad though – as I’m sat near first class I’m managing to steal some free WiFi – I may have the blog post live on my blog, before I get home.

This week My Food Challenge as been somewhat neglected – if I’m being honest. I’ve been waking up at 5.45, working from 8-5ish then getting home at 6.30, totally knackered and ready for bed. Plus, I have to go to bed loads earlier now I’m commuting. It’s worth it for the job.

My lunch boxes have been uninspired and my dinners have been thrown together in a hurry. My sole focus has been to settle into my new job and routine. I’m settled now. And I’m sorry. Sorry for neglecting you this past week, blog.

After a massive glass of red wine tonight and a HUGE sleep in – I’ll be back to my usual cooking, stress free blogging self.

Sorry it’s a bit of a non-blog post tonight. But I’m knackered and I’m knelt down on a train and I need a drink. A BIG DRINK!

Here’s to some more inspired lunches and some quick healthy evening meals in the coming weeks.

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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