Well hello, May!


So, I’ve made it through four months of daily blogging. What a crazy month its been. April has seen me wrap up one job (which saw me working for a month on my own – that was stressful) before starting my new job in Leeds on Monday.

As I type I’m stood up outside a train toilet, which isn’t that great, but everything else about my new job is great, I’m loving working in sunny Leeds already… As especially love the fact that I’m a stones throw away from the Corn-Exchange a Leeds Markets.

Now, back to the blog. I’ve had over 14,000 visits, which is great! Loads of you have been tuning into my blog, so if you’ve read it – thank you.

Highlights have been making a Guinness cake, getting a pasta machine as my leaving present from work and treating myself to a lovely hot chocolate courtesy of the lovely girls at Cocoa!

What’s coming up for May?

  • Well I’m a little skint so expect to see blog posts on frugal home cooking. 
  • My pasta machine will be making an appearance with some twists on classic pasta recipes. 
  • Summer is here so I’ll be blogging some salads and picnic recipes. 
  • My ham sandwiches are getting a little dull now, so I’ll be exploring new ways to fill up my lunch box. 

Thanks everyone for readying! Hello month 5 🙂

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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