Office cake culture…


At work today I was tempted by a walnut whip. It was delicious. I could have also been tempted by a jam doughnut and offered out some fruit cake of my own… If you’re dieting at my new place of work, you’re gona struggle if you’re easily swayed. That’s just on day two – I hear there’s bacon butties on Friday too! Oh dear…

Office cake culture is interesting. When your head is buried in work, or you’ve been working like crazy and you need a lil’ distraction… A quick chat over the offer of cake is just enough to give you the break you need. Also, when you’re distracted it’s easier to chow down on a sweet treat and devour it before you’ve even realised – I did just this with my walnut whip today. Whoopsie. I’m not one for dieting, but even if you’re merely trying to stay healthy, office cake culture can be dangerous.

Saying ‘no’ is hard – especially when someone’s baked, I really can’t say no to a homemade treat – not when so much love has gone into creating some thing. Where do we draw the line? What’s polite, whats too strict and what’s plain old greed? Maybe the film Chocolat can help? I watched it for the first tome last week and I can’t help but think about the scene where the mayor has to hide a tempting treat behind a picture frame to stop his arm being drawn towards it. We’ve all done this before – when naughty snacks are on your desk and calling your name – you’re bound to cave at some point during the day.

This film also teaches us that we shouldn’t always say no to cake, chocolate or sweet treats. After saying no to chocolate way through lent, the strict Catholic mayor went on a chocolate binge and was found high on sugar in the display of a chocolate shop. When you always say no to a tasty treat – it makes you do crazy things.

So, if someone at work is offering cake or chocolate- don’t be scared to say yes everyone in a while. But show restrain too – otherwise your waist line will regret it.


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