A successful DIY day!

407156_10152753490125024_313289758_nOver the past few weeks I’ve been cooing at other people’s kitchens on Pinterest. We don’t own our home – so the horrible worktops and cupboard doors are here to stay. Everything else? Well, that’s ours to change – with in reason.

I remember when we first moved into this apartment. The cooker hadn’t been touched (even though a medical student was living here at the time – surely you think they’d eat well?) and the character filled rooms, somehow lacked personality. It’s an old building, Edwardian I think, and was once a hospice – that alone should leave you feeling like you’re a part of the building’s story. But, no. We’d moved from a box apartment, to a big apartment and our little things barely filled it – it was a blank canvas in need of some love and TLC. Slowly, we’ve made it into a home and we love it – most of the time!

Back to the kitchen. Storage is always an issue when you get into cooking. Not only do you buy more ingredients and gadgets yourself, other people buy you them as presents – which is great… the only trouble is finding a home for them. So, we had a chat with the landlord and asked if we could make some additions to some blank wall space. £8 later, we had two shelves from B&Q and Dan was breaking drill bits in our walls – ooops! It took him 2 hours and he made a right mess – but it was well worth it.

On my new shelved I have jars filled with flours and sugars, all my spices neatly stored in a old Oxo tin and my pretty mugs [that Dan hates] on display. What’s more – I have somewhere to store my new pasta maker and the empty wall space is now filled with some much needed colour.

We may not have the freedom to do what we wish with our kitchen, but our £8 investment has made it feel like a whole new room!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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