Nigel Slater… isn’t he just lovely?


I love Nigella. I love Paul Hollywood. I also love the Hairy Bikers. Above and beyond all of these TV chefs, my favourite has to be Nigel Slater. Foodie, cook, columnist and gardener. He seems like a lovely chap too.

We all know  that I’m no food expert and I’m at the start of my food journey (and challenge). There’s nothing worse than a complicated dish, using herbs few of us have heard off… to make a dish a mere simpleton [like me] can’t even pronounce. I feel utterly uncultured when that happens.

Unlike many TV cooks, Nigel’s recipes are simple and variable. The other night he made a fantastic shepherds pie with turkey and butternut that inspired my own shepherds pie adaptation. With simple twists on staple meals, Nigel makes super suppers accessible to the masses… without the need for extravagant Waitrose-esq ingredients we young professionals can’t [yet] afford.

What’s more, his garden is his pantry. Not only does he talk about the trails and tribulations of growing his own ingredients  Nigel shows you how to use them in truly unique dishes. And I love the way he cooks. No fancy gadgets and trickery – just good old fashioned home cooking. I want to cook up all of his dishes and eat them infront of a warm fire, whilst looking out of the window on a rainy Spring/Autumn day – it’s that kind of food.

If you haven’t seen Nigel Slaters’s show before… go to iPlayer and watch it, you won’t regret it. He’s got a good blog over on the Guardian website too. He’s orite, Nige!

Who’s your favourite TV chef?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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