Tell me, what’s your favourite sandwich filling?

hot dogOn Monday I start a new job at a fab agency in Leeds. Unlike my current workplace, they don’t have an onsite chef (weep), and I can’t afford to go buying lunch from city –priced butty shops every day, so I’m going to be making up packed lunches. I need your help.

Whilst I love the humble ham salad… it’s going to take more than two pieces of bread and 10 calories of meat to keep my going, especially as I’ll have an uphill mile and a half walk between me and dinner at home every night [joys]! And as much as I LOVE cheese… there’s nothing worse than a sweaty cheese sandwich come lunch time, after it’s been battered about in my handbag bag (I’ll be getting a cooler bag this weekend to protect my prized sarnie, by the way).

I want your help. I want you to help me to discover some of the best sandwich fillings ever thought up, to add some spice, flavour and variety to my lunch box. Which sandwich fillings have you willing the time to fly by, so it can be lunch time… just you can bite into your ultimate packed lunch creation.

Looking forward to trying some of your tasty suggestions!

Hayley Jayne xx


2 Responses to “Tell me, what’s your favourite sandwich filling?”

  1. Ruth

    How about a bean salad? With veg, pulses, lemon dressing and some flaxseed? Lovely and filling- but not a sandwich I know x


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