Over 100 days in, and I’m feeling the PRESSURE!


I’ve made it past 100 days. Which in itself is a big achievement. However, with work being mental, a new job in Leeds looming (which means getting up at 5.30 and arriving home later), and friends to get back to [I’m so sorry if you’ve tried to get hold of me and I haven’t gotten back to you – I will], well it’s all a bit CRAZY!

When I first started this blog I wanted to explore my relationship with food. Eat well. Learn lots of new recipes and perfect my writing. All of these I’m achieving – which is great. But a third of the way in, I feel like I’m losing momentum. Life has a funny old habit of getting in the way and My Food Challenge needs some love and attention from me – I need to find some more time in my busy days.

Blogging everyday is not easy, especially when you work full time or your heads full to bursting with other stuff. There has been nights I’ve come home and I’ve written my blog post as soon as I’ve come in, before having tea, and I’m literally going dizzy and struggling to keep my eyes open. All I want to do is lie down and relax… but I must keep going! This blog ain’t gona write itself, is it?

Granted there will be a few cop-out posts along the way [this admittedly being one of them] – that said, I’m only human. I mean, tonight I’m prepping for a dinner party tomorrow. I have a cake in the oven and some bread to make. I could also do with getting the recipe for my cake written up so I can share it with you tomorrow. By the time I’ve done all that, it will be bed time. Who ever said blogging was easy, is totally wrong!

So, on the flustered note I’m going to love you and leave you! If you’re enjoying my blog [and if anyone reads it lots], please drop me a note and let me know… so I feel like someone [anyone] is still finding it useful/enjoyable!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


4 Responses to “Over 100 days in, and I’m feeling the PRESSURE!”

  1. judilyn

    I read your blog every day, Hayley! Even when it isn’t properly about food. Those posts are just as interesting. It is enjoyable to see the differences in our countries. I read them to my husband (or sometimes just tell him), and he is enjoying them, too.

    I recently tried garam masala on “rice pudding” that I made with barley. Maybe you saw it on my blog. It was very tasty.

    Is”tea” your evening meal? We call that meal “dinner”. Are they the same thing, or is “tea” a lot lighter a meal, more like what I would call “supper”? Dinner to me is meat, starch, veggie – at the very least – with accompanying sauces or gravies.

  2. 123am

    100 posts is an incredible accomplishment! Give yourself a break, the rest of us will patiently await your next post.

  3. Carly

    Keep it going Hayley – i enjoy reading your little blog 🙂 i have lots of lovely cake recipes if you ever need inspiration x


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