Why we don’t own a microwave and never will!

micro1Me and Dan don’t own a microwave and never will.

I mean it would be nice to make jacket potatoes in 10 minutes – but that’s all I’d use it for. We don’t touch microwave meals (ever), we heat beans and soup on the hob and quite frankly – they’re ugly bloody things and I’d rather not have one taking up precious surface space in our kitchen.

Microwaves make people lazy, let’s be honest. Although I prepared food in one out of convenience at University, the whole concept of putting a package in a machine, pressing a button and having your tea ready to eat in minutes… well it just baffles me these days.

Firstly, it takes all the fun out of cooking. Granted, there’s some nights (like tonight) where I’d like to come home, press a button, put my feet up and after 10 minutes tuck in to a gourmet dinner… but we don’t have a microwave, so the temptation to do that every so often just isn’t there. Everyone should get off their backsides and cook their own meals from scratch as much as possible – believe me, it’s loads more fun than plonking yourself on the sofa to watch some chewing gum TV.

Secondly, microwave meals are so unhealthy. They’re full of fats and salts. Even the ones that are suposed to be ‘healthy’ are filled with artificial flavourings that are so bad for you. Alas, people still eat them – with no thought to their health, or how eating so much bad food makes them feel compared to eating fresh food every night. 

Looking back to the 70’s, I can see why they were so popular and why Mum’s loved them. They were new, novel and convenient. Now? Well we know how bad microwave meals are, yet we still sell millions if not billions of them every year… they’re are still people who don’t know how to cook, and instead rely on a machine to heat up a pre-made meal for them.

I hate the things.

In our own sad little way, we’re proud of the fact that we decided against spending £40 on a microwave way back when we first moved in together and opted to always cook proper meals from scratch. We’re strange I know!

What are your thoughts on the mean microwave a TV dinners?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


4 Responses to “Why we don’t own a microwave and never will!”

  1. rollingcrock

    Agree to an extent: My girlfriend and I always cook from scratch – apart from the odd takeaway – and the microwave in the corner is only ever used to defrost bread (homemade ironically) and to re heat the odd thing to help aid the cooking process i.e – rice, which can come in useful when I have four pots on the hob.

    But yes, microwave culture will never reign in my flat and although I understand it’s benefits in the sense of saving time, it will ultimately make you into a lazy cook. No thanks.

  2. Jamie

    I agree!
    I only ever use mine to reheat my lunch at work, which I had cooked the night before from scratch anyway. I hope you’d allow that!

  3. Ruth

    I completely get where your coming from 🙂 although I find it useful to rewarm frozen left overs. I’m very much into freezing left over portions, but I very much admire your stance.

  4. Write in the Wrong Way

    I love my microwave, and have never eaten a “microwave meal”! I use it to re-heat things (leftovers, cold coffee, water for tea). Also for de-frosting meat and even speeding up the baked potato process… Not everyone has time to cook from scratch LOL The crock-pot is my answer is to that problem though 🙂


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