Friday means wine-day!


Today I realised that when I first starting working in PR and Social Media, I didn’t really drink. I mean, I wasn’t exactly tee-total, I’d drink every once in a while – however I didn’t drink regularly, nor did I ever crave wine. Now I do. If I don’t have a glass of wine in my hand by 8pm on a Friday after a busy week, I am not a happy bunny. This worries me.

The media industry can be stressful sometimes. Today I had loads to do and tomorrow I have even more. When the phone rings, you never know what could happen – a busy day can turn into a mental day in a split second… At the moment work is particularly stressful, and I’m already looking forward to a glass of the lovely red stuff tomorrow. Does this mean I have a problem? Should I sign myself up to AA?

After a week at work, a glass of red helps me wind down – it is scientifically proven to make you happy in moderation, so maybe my love for red wine isn’t such a bad thing?

Either way, I love wine dearly! No matter how stressful, crazy or manic my weeks may be, I know that I’ll always have a glass of the red stuff at the end of it all as my reward. Think of this what you wish, but I bloody love that stuff… Make mine a Temperanillo please (polished off with a tipple of Frangelico).

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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