This sandwich blew my MIND!


Today we went to a lovely cafe called Maxwells Deli in Lancaster on our way home from a few days away in the Lake District. It was  a toss up between eating yet another Greggs style butty outside in the cold, or paying a little bit more to sit in and enjoy something a little more special, alongside a cup of tea… I’m glad we went for the latter.

Whilst Maxwells looks lovely, fresh and clean – and you were lucky to get a table, it could have easily sold egg and chips and bacon butties for all we knew. Instead of your average sandwich and snack selection, the menu played host to a number of flavoursome and delicious ingredients. I went for a pastrami, chrorizo, feta and red onion chutney toasted sandwich… it didn’t look anymore special than your average tuna toastie, but my days did the flavours combine incredibly for a mind blowing butty… I’m actually salivating as a type. It also came with a lovely salad selection, which I was very impressed with.

I’ll be dreaming about this sandwich in days to come. It was THAT good!

Seriously, if you’re in Lancaster anytime soon, you MUST try this place and most of all, this sandwich. It’s charming, the service is fantastic (and very attentive) and the food is top notch! Whilst I hope to recreate this momentous meal myself, I doubt I’ll have a sandwich as delicious as that for a long long time.

If you ever read this, well done chef!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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