Our search for the snowy mountains

20130328-180657.jpgIt’s day two of our trip to the lakes! Today we decided to drive North to Windermere in the hope of getting closer to the snow-capped mountains we could see in the distance. Lunch packed, we set out in search of them, and found ourselves the lovely market town of Windermere, which is home to incredible views from the edge of the Lake.

Now, this is where I should tell you about the amazing food we ate. Whilst we had a look in a few extravagant (and over- priced) chocolate shops, and had a huge hot chocolate to keep us warm, when we’re surrounded by such incredible views we tend not to mind eating a squashed sandwich made with ever-so-slightly stale bread, or fruit that’s been battered near to pulp… To be honest with you, we barely look down to see what we put on our mouths. There’s not many things in the World I love more than food, however no amount of chocolate, cheese or wine can ever top my love for a mountain view – and we’re very blessed to play host to such amazing views, so close to home.

As I type my blog post (again on my phone) I’m sipping on Earl Grey tea with honey and looking out to mountain views as far away as the Yorkshire Dales. Tonight I’ll cook up a healthy feast to balance out our over-indulgent week and wash it down with the rest of our wine before a long soak in the bath. Nothing special.

It’s nice to be away from it all for a few days and its important that I remind myself how to relax (I’ll have forgotten again in a few weeks). Also, a breathtaking mountain view does wonders in helping me put life into perspective – it reminds me just how small we are, and that we should always make time to enjoy the simple things in life…

Right – off to relax!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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