There she was just-a-rollin’ down the street…

I am so full! My birth-week has seen me eat my body weight in culinary amazingness. First it was a family wedding, followed by wild boar sausages, cake-breakfast on my birthday, Fancie, Wagamama lunch yesterday courtesy of Sally, then a big plate of pasta and a cupcake… Followed by a joint agency birthday outing to Pizza Express today (I had my usual Rustichella, of course). I feel like such a massive greedy guts… and I like it!



Pizza Express

Pizza Express

Tomorrow we have friends for dinner, more friends over on Saturday and then I have a week of… in which I fully intend to make and cook up some new recipes. I’ve been so busy this last week, I haven’t been able to test out and put some up (but I will…lots of them).

If you can’t indulge on your birthday, when else can you? 
I see eating way too much for seven days on your birthweek as a right of passage – where did the social ritual of birthday cake come from if not for  this very reason. Not indulging everyone in a while is just rude.

Creme Egg cupcake by Fancie

Creme Egg cupcake by Fancie

That said, next week, providing the snow stays away, I’ll be back walking, trekking and mountain biking to burn off the extra few pounds I’ll be acquiring around my gut. You can’t love food and hate exercise – that’s just lazy. That’s next week though… Until then I fully intend on enjoying all food without worry for a few days longer. By Monday I’ll no doubt look like this…


Anyhow, off for a quick [and ever so slightly dirty] pasta snack before tonight’s Pecha Kucha Sheffield event!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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