Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me…

It’s my birthday! Whoohoo! Today I turned the grand old age of 24. I’ve been a busy little bumble-bee today, I was working this morning and I’ve had a mental afternoon. Tonight I’m being whisked off to Fancie, along with a bottle of red, to see in my birthday good and proper, with a few tasty treats off the new ‘Fancie by night’ menu – I’m salivating at the thought!

Now for the important stuff! What did I get? Dan knows me oh so well and got me the sweetest presents. My Food Challenge was inspired by the film Julie and Julia – I watched it on New Years Eve – so he bought me the DVD and both volume one and two of Mastering the art of French Cooking by Julia Childs (the paperback editions are so pretty). He also got me a beautiful powder-blue ceramic flan dish (it’ Fera blue – I can’t wait for my friend to see it) and he also got me a selection of Sanctuary Spa products.


The lovely Alex McKay, cake baker extraordinaire, baked me the most delicious crispy bites (she told me the recipe but I’m sworn to secrecy). I gorged on them over breakfast and I’m eating some as a type. She also gave me a very pretty card. 549848_10152648658910024_131859563_n

Sally treated me some AMAZING Illamasqua nail polish, from the speckled range in Sacre. She’s also treating me to lunch tomorrow at a restaurant of my choice… most likely somewhere in Meadowhall – I know exactly where I want to go, for a number 72!


Dan’s family is always incredibly generous around birthdays. His Mum gave me some money and his gran gave me a few lovely crockery items and a cushion, which is now pride of place on the stool in a hallway.

On top of celebrations tonight, I’ve invited a few of my favourite ladies round for dinner and drinks on Saturday. Everyone has been asked to bring a dish, and we’re going to have a feast and drink into the night!

Oh and one last mention for Made.com who sent me the best birthday-eve message ever. Yesterday they sent me an email telling me it was their birthday, and I was disappointed as I assumed they were going to wish me well for mine. I sent them a tweet about this, and they responded with a lovely birthday wish from the whole Made.com gang. I love lovely brands – thanks guys.


Last but not least, I thought I share with you the card Dan got me. I love food, I take pictures of food and I tweet food. I’d say my biggest accomplishment in my 23rd year as been this blog – it’s a pleasure to run and it’s come to hold a special little place in my heart!


Oh and one more thing (no really, I shut up and go get ready now). I couldn’t let my birthday pass without a mention for my late Mum, who singlehandedly brought me into the World and made me the woman that I am today! There’s not a year goes by I don’t miss her Colne-market overly-glittery cheap-o cards!

Anyhoo, time for a Fancie birthday bash! I’ll be gramming LIVE and will blog tomorrow!

Have a lovely evening

Hayley Jayne xx


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