Wedding planning [and feeding the 5000]


Yey! We’re off to a family wedding today. Dan’s cousin is getting married in the village church just up the road, before food and celebrations at a local stately hall.

I do love a good wedding. I usually cry at some point during the ceremony and get a lovely little feeling in my tummy as I get excited about mine and Dan’s big day.

For those of you who don’t know, we got engaged just before Christmas. He took me to Manchester for the  night to see the Christmas markets and proposed to me in a low-key restaurant, to the sounds of our favourite music. It was perfect! Although we’re dreaming of a beautiful wedding on a sunny day in Sheffield, in reality this is a good way away. We’re skint and could do with getting on the poperty ladder first – instead we’re holding back and enjoying a very long engagement.


When it comes to our wedding, we know exactly what we want. From the locations, to the music and the food, it’s all ready for us to hit ‘go’ and book everything. People say ‘oh your ideas will change in a few years’, but I can assure you, they won’t change much. Our dream is there for the taking, we just need to sell a few organs/win the lottery/make some dollar first.

As you’d expect I’ve priced up our big day, so I have an idea of how much we need to save. The venue is reasonable, my dress will more than likely be made for me, and my bridesmaids (all six of them), are well aware that we will be shopping on a budget. The biggest expense, I’ve found, is the food…

Our wedding can’t be small… it’s either everyone or no-one. At first glance we’re looking at about 175+ and that’s at the risk of offending a few people. Dan’s family is massive, mine has grown and we’ve both acquired friends from moving away, going to Uni and then meeting people together… I dread to think how big our wedding will be when it gets to the big day!

The 100% mark-up rule… 

If you’re planning a wedding, you’ll know full well what I’m on about. Certain venues will only let you use certain suppliers and will ban (yes ban) you from bringing in food from outside caterers. This means that they can charge you whatever they like. For so many people, we simply can’t afford a wedding breakfast for 200+ people – that would cost us above £9000 at some of the venues we’ve looked at [gasp] (and that’s nearly ALL of our wedding budget). We’re going to get a bit creative with our catering I think…

The wedding businesses is crazy. EVERYTHING is marked up for a big day… venues, food, dresses, stationary! I have a whole new appreciation for brides and grooms.

I do love a good wedding, I really do. The bit I don’t like is thinking about the cost of the food! So today, as I enjoy the wedding food, I’ll make sure I enjoy and savour every last part… For me, wedding food is an integral part of the day (and it’s bloody expensive).

I can’t wait to see the bride and groom enjoy their day today! I’ll be sure to blog about it tomorrow 🙂

Hayley Jayne xx


4 Responses to “Wedding planning [and feeding the 5000]”

  1. 123am

    Congrats on your engagement! Our wedding was about a year and a half ago, and I still have vivid memories of the wedding planning. Hope you have lots of fun!


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