My Top 5 Indulgent Easter Treats…

I’ve never been so excited about Easter before in my life. The only exciting foodie event between me and my chocolate overdose, is my birthday (19th of March – don’t you forget it) – I also have week off so I’m intent on cooking and baking as much as I can! I have a feeling these next few weeks are going to be fun…

In the run up to Easter, I’ve decided to scour the web for my five top Easter treats. From the humble creme eggs, to truffles with champagne – here’s what I’ll be asking for this easter!

1. Lizzie Batchelar’s Creme Egg Brownie’s 

On Monday, Lizzie shared the picture below and accompanying recipe with Cadbury’s UK on the Facebook page. Little did she know that it would be shared a whopping 22500 times and receive over 5000 likes. If you’re looking for something above and beyond hot cross buns, you must try these. Want one that’s ready made? I hear Fancie have rustled some up too. Don’t they look INCREDIBLE?

Picture by Lizzie taken from Cadbury's UK Facebook page

Picture by Lizzie taken from Cadbury’s UK Facebook page

2. Green and Blacks Butterscotch Easter Egg

I LOVE Green and Blacks Butterscotch chocolate so much – it’s my favourite chocolate. One year my sister bought me a pack of the mini Easter Eggs – I left them on the dresser in her kitchen and by the time I’d gone to get one, she’d eaten them all – they are that good! If you’re looking for an Easter Egg with a twist, I would recommend one of these (they retail at about £12).


3. Fortnum and Mason Mac de Champagne Truffle Egg

Chocolate, champagne and truffles. I like all three. I like them even more together. This chocolatey treat is the most sophisticated Easter Egg I have ever seen. Inside a milk chocolate egg, lucky recipients will be treated to seven Marc de Champagne truffles. Retailing at nearly £40 and packaged beautifully, this is an amazing luxury Easter Egg gift idea.

20063532006353_34. A trip to Cocoa Wonderland, Sheffield… buy anything, it’s all amazing! 

Forget chocolate at home, step into a chocolate wonderland for an hour or two… go with some friends, or take a book – everything in Cocoa smells, looks and tastes amazing. Cocoa is filled wall-to-wall with chocolate, cakes and treats – you can buy chocolate as gifts and take them home for loved ones, or select a few tasty truffles from their counter to eat in and wash them down with one of their indulgent drinks (last tim I went I had the blossoming tea). Even better, their hosting an Easter Egg hunt on Ecclesall Road, take a look at their Facebook page for more details.

Taken from Cocoa Chocolate Wonderland Facebook page

Taken from Cocoa Chocolate Wonderland Facebook page

5. We can’t forget the ever so humble Cadbury’s Creme Egg

Easter just wouldn’t be the same without a plain old cream Egg, enjoyed on a spring day with a cup of Yorkshire’s finest tea. I had my first one of 2013 tonight – Dan picked one up for me on his way home and it provided the inspiration for tonight’s post. I take my time eating my Creme Egg, Dan could eat it all in one go. Go on! Tell me how you eat yours!


I really can’t wait until Easter! What would be your dream Easter Egg?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


3 Responses to “My Top 5 Indulgent Easter Treats…”

  1. Tanya

    Hi Hayley, I just love the Lindt bunnies, I cant get enough of them. But sadly I have to limit myself to 2 at Easter time. Oh well:)

    • hayleyjaynefood

      Oh no, you can’t give yourself a chocolate limit at Easter! Life’s too short for chocolate rations – I’d say limit it to at least five (and make it for it by eating them at the end of a lovely walk) x


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