Well hello wine Wednesday!


I’ve made it through to the last bit of the week. Work has involved much more copywriting than usual, my head is spinning, my eyes are tired and alongside my blog, I have work to do outside of work! Feeling a little stressed and stretched, there’s only one thing to do – crack open the wine and follow my own wise words…

I love wine and since we started going out, I’ve turned Dan into a wino too. I’m no wine expert, but I’ll never say no to a nice glass of Malbec, Montepulciano or Tempranillo. Red wine is usually and end of week treat – that said, for no other reason than ‘I feel like it’, I’m branding today ‘wine Wednesday’ and  sipping on a glass of the red stuff as I type.

Some of you may be frowning at my mid-week tipple. I rarely drink on work nights, in fact I hardly drink at all – never enough to feel rough the next day. I don’t smoke, I have a healthy diet and I look after myself… So if sipping on a glass of red from a lovely big wine glass gets me through the week, wine Wednesday it will have to be.

What’s your favourite Wednesday night tipple to see you through the rest of the week?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


3 Responses to “Well hello wine Wednesday!”

  1. unfinishedbizness

    I’m more of a white wine kinda girl myself, so I’ll be saying hello to a glass of Chardonnay later in your honor. And thank you for the permission 😉


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