When dinner goes wrong… eat chips!


Tonight I got home from work, fully intent on making and blogging a sausage stew in my new pressure cooker. The sausages were out of date, we had no chopped tomatoes and even though I tried to cobble something half decent together – it tasted like dish water – dirty, stinky, horrible ten-day-old dish water.

I wanted Dan to come home to a beautiful dish, instead he came home to a grumpy fiance ordering him up to the chippy for a portion of salt and pepper chips. Standard ‘save-the-day’ food. I was so hungry I literally inhaled a bag of crisps whilst I waited for him and I ate my chips in no time – not a healthy start to the week – but hey ho, it’s food and my belly is now satisfied.

Being a foodie doesn’t make me a food expert and it doesn’t mean that I always get it right. 99% of the time when I freestyle a dish it tastes amazing and goes swimingly, I suppose cock-ups like tonight are just a part of the process. If all else fails Broomhill is brimming with student-style kebab shops and take-aways – a little bit of naughty food won’t hurt.

So, if you’ve made a dish and it all goes a bit wrong. Don’t sweat – it happens to the best of us. I’ll bring you my sausage stew recipe next week…

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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