There’s only one dish I could make on Mother’s Day!

247324_10150627747970024_2092877_nUp until an hour ago I didn’t know what I was making for tea. It is Mother’s Day and it would be rude or me not to rustle up a nostalgic dish, so I opted to make my own version of my Mum’s favourite – lasagne!

Those of you who know me will understand that Mother’s Day isn’t my favourite day of the year. My Mum passed away 7 years ago from undiagnosed cancer – each year it gets easier – this year it’s not all that bad. I sent a card to my new grandma (that’s a story for another day) and thanked my sisters, friends and adopted Mum’s for being there for me during times when only parental support would usually do. I’m not going to lie – I’d do anything to cook my Mum a meal and welcome her into my home. The next best thing is to remember her and cook her a dish I’d make if she was to come round!

My Mum LOVED lasagne. She was a creature of habit and ordered lasagne every time we ate out, without fail. She’d wash it down with a larger and black – I can’t remember what dessert she’d go for – she was never as much as a sweet-toothed greedy guts as I was!

Not one to miss an opportunity to shake things up a bit, I’ve gone for a chunky vegetable lasagne with a goats cheese white sauce I made up as I went along. I didn’t follow any recipes, other than this one to make my white sauce. I’ve threw everything in a pan, cooked up a sauce and layered it up to go in the oven – it’s cooking as a type!

If my Mum was coming round for dinner this evening, I’d give her some daffodils and a glittery Mother’s day card, cook her a chunky vegetable lasagne, give her something sparkling to drink and top it all off with a proper home made dessert like apple pie or a fruity crumble. I’d then treat her to a pot of proper tea from one of my teapots before settling down on the sofas for a good old catch up – I think she’d like our place!

As much as I miss her, I know that she’ll somehow be enjoying tonight’s homemade lasagne with me :).

What did you cook for you Mum for Mothers day?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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