My thoughts on ‘gap-lipo’ and other such skinny nonsense

Ok, so this post isn’t about food as such. It’s about what happens if we don’t eat enough, and a weight loss fad sweeping women and teenagers accross the UK.

Regular readers of my blog will have recently read that I struggled with eating problems when I was a teenager. I under ate and over exercised for many reasons, mainly to gain some control of my life and because I had a skewed view of myself and my body image. A mere size 10 – I thought I was fat. I too wanted that super skinny gap between my legs and went to great lengths to try and achieve it – until I realised what I was doing, I never felt skinny enough.

According to this article, ‘gap-lipo’ is the latest cosmetic surgery trend to hit Harley Street. They’ve seen a 240% rise in requests for lipo surgery, which gives women the elusive model-like thigh gap, like the disturbing picture below.


After a quick search online, I’ve found forums, pictures and ‘motivations’ to achieve so called ‘thigh-gap’ heaven. Many of the posts and pictures come from young girls, some of them posting before and after pictures, in which the after picture shows the tell tale signs of an eating disorder.

Some tall-skinny lucky types acquire this thigh gap naturally. You can tell they’re built like this because they look healthy and slim, not skinny. Models are these people. They are the lucky few born with effortless good looks and stick thin slender limbs – most of them are built this way, only a few with struggle hard to achieve it. And not all models have it.

The thing that worries me about this trend is that thigh-gaps on women who are built to be curvy [like myself], look anorexic To achieve this without surgery, women and girls have to go to great lengths with their diet and exercise and lose an unnatural amount of weight from such a specific part of their body. It can run the risk of becoming an obsession and, before they know it, they have an eating disorder.

ENOUGH! That’s what I have to say about this skinny nonsense. Learn to love what you’ve been given and work with it. Since eating well and cutting out processed foods, I have learnt to love my body so much more. It takes a long time for your body to adjust, but when you eat well, your body responds and, without realising, you have a cracking and healthy figure you can maintain.

If you have a big bum like me, you wish you’re boobs were bigger/smaller or you wish your apple shape would morph into a pear – get over it. Life’s too short. Afterall, you’re body is a mere vessel for all the amazing things you have to achieve, too much vanity will hold you back.

Away with you’re thoughts of thigh gaps and skinny nonsense – you wouldn’t want today’s fleeting thought to take you down a road that ends in this. Trust me.


Until tomorrow.

Hayley Jayne xx


3 Responses to “My thoughts on ‘gap-lipo’ and other such skinny nonsense”

  1. Becky

    Lovely post – it is terrifying how quickly this ‘trend’ is spreading amongst girls and women. You’re second to last para is so true

    Becs xx


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