The Great Agency Bake-Off [in pictures]

Today was the day we held our much anticipated Great Agency Bake-Off. Staff from across the office whipped up sponges, meringues  brownies, biscuits and more, all resulting on one bountiful bake sale, seeing us raise over £140 for our nominated charity of the year, Child Action North West.


If you read my blog yesterday, you’ll have seen that I put my [very] limited baking skills to the test to bake a light hazelnut cake with with a chocolate ganache. It was a modest attempt, I’ll admit, especially when placed next to some of the cakes made by the more experienced bakers in the office – but it tasted lovely and I was proud of my attempt.

DSC_7908The Bake-Off was judged by our very own Mary and Paul, who scored each baked treat on their appearance , effort and taste. All three of the winners put a lot of love, effort and thought into their creations, and the overall winner presented the only savory  entry of the day.

The Great Agency Bake Off winners were:

Jenny, in third place with a wonderful Lemon Merruinge Pie


Tom who came second place with these chunky chocolate and hazelnut brownies


And last but by no means least, Luke, who landed the top spot with some cheese scones and homemade chutney – I hope to test out and blog his recipe soon

DSC_7785Although I’m no good at baking [yet], I do love a bit of homemade cake! Here’s some more pictures from the day :).

Baked chocolate chip cheesecake


The bake-off line up


A berry nice Union Jack sponge cake 


Let the bake sale commence…  


Finally, well done to Alex and Nic for organising such a great event.

Now, off to tuck into some more cake with a cup of tea!

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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