My Food Challenge has a make-over


Yesterday I sat down at lunch time to see if I could spend an hour or so making some changes to my blog as I was falling out of love with my WordPress theme and I wanted my blog to look crisper, fresher and easier to navigate. My Food Challenge #2 was better, but it wasn’t quite there yet – it defiantly needed more work to make it look like a fully fledged food blog.

After finding a theme that I liked, I decided to have a play on illustrator. I’d never really used it before, even though I have CS5 on my Mac, other than watching Dan do stuff on it. I don’t think I did that bad for my first proper illustrator attempt (although some designers I know will beg to differ) – Dan gave everything a once over which made me feel better. I did say I wanted this blog to help me develop my skill-set – it did yesterday. 🙂

So, after hours fiddling around with pretty images and getting my head around my WordPress theme, My Food Challenge has a new lease of life and finally looks like the food blog I hoped it would be.

I have lots of new recipes up my sleeve and I need to up my game on the photography front too – so watch this space!

Hayley Jayne x


2 Responses to “My Food Challenge has a make-over”

  1. The Weary Chef

    This looks great! I really like your background image and the font you used in your header. I’m in the process of fancying up my blog too, and I don’t want to say how much time I’ve spent on it! Hopefully it will be ready to show off sometime this coming week. Nice job on your makeover!


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