Food, wine and friendships


I’m 24 soon, which means I’m nearly over the hill well beyond the age of clubbing, dancing and staying up late. Instead of friendships being formed and maintained around dressing up, getting drunk and going on the pull, my friendships are centred around good wine, great food and flowing conversations.

There’s nothing better that sitting round a dinner table with friends, tucking into a homemade dish of something-or-other and putting the World to rights. This weekend is a perfect example. Tonight I had a friend over for risotto, red wine and lemon tart. Tomorrow I’m making a mixed bean and goats cheese pie for our friends and soon to be neighbours, before sipping more wine in town for our friend’s birthday. Saturday I’ll most likely be nursing a minor hangover, before eating with Dan’s little brother – then they’ll most likely head to some of Broomhill’s finest pubs for a ‘boys’ night. Sunday night is reserved for me and Dan… I’ll no doubt cook us up a treat!

I love my friends dearly and I love to cook for them. The bonds I’ve made over wine and food are by far the strongest and I’m blessed to have some wonderful friends who know how to cook up a storm in the kitchen too. We’re definitely entering the age of dinner parties and dining with other couples, over frivolous and drunken nights out – I didn’t think I’d be settling down with lots of couple friends so soon, but they’re still up for a good time, as are we… I wouldn’t have it any other way!

If I can enjoy wonderful food, delicious red wine and fantastic friendships for the rest of my life… I’ll be incredibly happy and look back on my life as years well spent.

Do you cement your friendships with food and wine too?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xxx


2 Responses to “Food, wine and friendships”

  1. Sally

    Me and the moody midget (aka Louise) are obsessed with Alibaba wine – that’s our pet name for it. Yes that’s right we have a PET NAME for our favourite. That says all you need to know.


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