If you eat happiness, you will become happiness…


After a ranty post about how rubbish things have been and how I’ve been feeling down lately, followed by a snuggle on the sofa with Dan and some trashy TV, I’m feeling a little brighter.

It’s not often I get like that. And when I do, I don’t stay down for long. In a bid to pick myself up and brush myself down again after another poo day, I’ve decided to do some research into happy foods and identify a few key things I can snack on and introduce into my diet to ensure my smile stays the right way up as much as possible. As the saying goes… you are what you eat.

Hurrah for honey

I’ve recently fallen head over heels for honey. I used to find out odd that we eat the weird stuff that comes out of bees bottoms… but then it’s so delicious and so much better to sweeten your tea with than unhealthy granulated sugars. According to this article, it plays host chemicals that help keep depression at bay, whilst giving a mood-boosting sugar kick.

The almighty almond 

A bad day or feeling down can play havoc with energy levels. I know that when I feel anxious, stressed or upset, I also feel slow and sluggish. Apparently, not only are almonds tasty and great for your skin, they contain magnesium which is great for helping to convert carbs and fats into energy, giving you more umph to get through your lull in mood, or bad day.

Don’t whine, drink wine

If it gets to 8pm on a Friday night and I don’t have a glass of red in my hand, I become a very grumpy Toot. I thought this was bad for me, until I read this, which tells me that this is a great way to start my weekend. A glass of wine or two relaxes the central nervous system and lowers blood pressures, whilst anti-oxidants in the wine help keep you healthy. Any more than a few glasses and it has the opposite effect – so be careful not to over indulge.

Become a tryptophan fan

No, tryptophan isn’t a drug, it’s a mood boosting chemical found it lots of foods and we should try and eat them when we feel down. According to this article, people who suffer from depression are often deficient in this particular chemical. Want to become a tryptophan fan? Try eating bananas, popcorn and pumpkin seeds.

Excellent eggs

Low fat sources of protein, such as eggs and cottage cheese include an amino acid called tyrosine, which triggers the release of norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain. These two chemicals are linked to motivation and speedy reaction times… big day ahead, not looking forward to it? Get some scrambled eggs down yer neck.

I’m no expert in food and nutrition so if you want to alter your mood with your diet, have a research online yourself and maybe even speak to a nutritionist.

I’ll defiantly be snacking on some almonds and bananas tomorrow, whilst sipping on my tea with honey. What healthy foods do you eat to get you through your sad moods?

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xx


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