My search for super-duper super-foods


Yey! It’s Saturday and time for our bi-weekly budget food shop. Before we go food shopping, I usually scour the web in search of new foodie treats I can try. These past few weeks I’ve made lots of foods rich in protein, sugars and salt, which has played havoc with my skin, so for the next two weeks, I’m challenging myself to cook with and eat superfoods to improve how I feel, which should be interesting as good foods are often the most expensive.

I have an idea of what I want to buy. I need some nuts and seeds, brocoli, chickpeas and our usual run of veg – but super sized. I’m also going to cut out sugars. With the exception of a cake (which I need to have a go at for our agency charity bake-off, as I’m rubbish at baking), I’m banning myself from baking for two weeks. Also banned are chocolate, sugars in anything but coffee, which means I’ll be drinking honey in my tea, and anything too salty, including crisps and cereal.

Surely my skin can’t be that bad? Those of you who see me probably won’t think it is, but underneath all my make-up my skin from my cheeks to below my jaw line are covered in red-blotchy blemishes. It’s been like this since just before New Year and some of my spots can be painful. I’ve never had bad skin before and I have changed my diet (and have had two very naught weeks). Also, I feel tired all the time, which I can partially attribute to it being Winter, but still – I’m sure that by eating some super-foods, I can combat this a little.

So, my challenge for today is two buy a two-week shop for me and Dan, full of lots of super foods, for under £60. GAME ON.

I’ll post again with our purchases.

Hayley Jayne xx


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