“Life tastes better between two slices of bread”

My home made white loaf

My home made white loaf

Life tastes better between two slices of bread.

@nathandainty tweeted this to me yesterday. I overheard him speaking to my college on the phone about a lasange sandwich (madness, I know) and I tweeted to find out more. The above quote was his response. It got me thinking; what would the world be like without the wonders of sliced bread? It’s the basis of so many European dishes. Without bread, society kind of feels wrong. Big Baps butty shop in Attercliffe would no longer serve a purpose and lunch would no doubt be devoted to a second ‘dinner like’ meal… pointless if you ask me. Lunch/dinner – whatever you call that meal we eat in the middle of the day. It’s just not right without two slices of bread.

Now, I’m not going to lie – the prospect of a lasagne sandwich is enough to turn my stomach – too many carbs. However, I just looked over Dan and asked him, “If someone was to offer you a lasagne sandwich, would you eat it?” and he looked at me like I was stupid and said, “Yea?” Which brings me onto my next point. Men eat bread with EVERYTHING! Pretty much every meal me and Dan eat, he mops up witha few slices of buttery bread. My brother-in-law used to do the same. When you’re a boy… anything in a sandwich goes. I love going into Woody’s and watching what the burly men of Sheffield eat – fully monty sandwiches are for boys and boys only. I’ll stick to my humous, olive and sun-dried tomato sandwich [girl sized] ta very much.

Bread is a huge part of my working week and I’d be so sad if those lovely loaves of wholemeal goodness were not part of my life. I’d miss the ham sandwiches Dan makes me for work every morning, the naughty Nutella on toast snacks I have before bed sometimes and the Dan specials. I like my eggs with bread, I like toast for breakfast. In short, I bloody love bread.

Nathan’s right. Life really does taste better between two slices of bread. He’s a clever chap when it comes to food, make sure you check out and follow his 2013 food challenge, The Nate British Bake Off [see what he did there? Clever.]

Until tomorrow

Hayley Jayne xxx

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