The pleasure of a perfect egg

When I was growing up, I didn’t really eat eggs. In our traditional, working class household, the only eggs I ate were boiled solid, mashed and mixed up with salad cream – to be served on white bread covered in butter. Mmmm – healthy!

I’ve always had issues with eggs. I’m an ex-vegetarian and I’ve never quite been able to get my head around the fact that we eat the stuff that comes out of lady chickens private parts. I’ve spoken to Dan’s brother and his girlfriend about this – they’re both very informed farmers. Essentially when we eat eggs, we’re tucking into CHICKEN PERIOD! ARGHHHHH! Whoever decided it was a good idea to crack one open, cook it in a pan and eat one? The same could be said for cow breast milk – but that’s a blog post for another day.

Chicken period jokes aside. Aren’t eggs brilliant?

Now I’m over my ickyness, I see eggs in a whole new light. I make a mean scrambled egg toast and, after trying one for the first time just a few years ago, I’ve perfected my poached eggs.

Each week we go through loads of them – whether it’s in cakes, tarts or as the centre piece of a Dan Special. No Sunday morning is complete without some sort of eggy-breakfast dish. Today, I’m having a lazy duvet day so I can read, blog and pamper – I’ll only be separated from my duvet to cook. I went for one perfectly fried egg, sunny side up with brown buttered toast and a great big dollop of ketchup! Yum!

Perfect Sunday! Eggs, foodie magazines and tea :)

Perfect Sunday! Eggs, foodie magazines and tea 🙂

Eggs – how do you eat yours?

Hayley Jayne xx


6 Responses to “The pleasure of a perfect egg”

  1. Gary

    I usually boil them for about 4 ish minutes, because I’m useless at poaching them, then simply smushed up on buttered toast with salt and black pepper. Delicious

    • hayleyjaynefood

      I love eggs with black peppers – I’m also not great at poaching eggs. Nothing worse than a poached egg that’s attached itself to the bottom of a pan!

  2. Nekodomo

    I’m addicted to eggs too! I had eggs yesterday, today, and most probably tomorrow too haha. How did you poach yours? Why is it flat like that?

      • Nekodomo

        Haha I love fried eggs too but I eat them with rice. With bread I just crack one open over a boiling water with salt, let it sit there for a few minutes, and fish it out. Easy poachy~

  3. snati001

    Love eggs cooked any way and eaten with rice, fish sauce & a side of chopped tomatoes. Lol, kind of weird, but that’s normal in my family. 🙂


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