Woody’s Sandwich Shop – Sheffield

DSC_0881Woody’s in Sheffield is by far my favourite place to grab a quick bite to eat at the weekend. Its small shop front, with enough seats for only 4 people, is always rammed, although the friendly fresh-faced students working behind the counter can usually juggle a few orders at once, so you never have to wait too long.

Their hand written chalk menus line the walls. They’re vast and include combinations most wouldn’t have thought up themselves. Board after board of delicious sandwich ideas to suit anyone – a sandwich connoisseur has clearly taken the time to try out and think up combinations to keep people coming back for more.

A creature of habit, I always ask for the same sandwich, and it never fails to impress; number 13 with extra rocket on a ciabatte. To you and me that’s houmous, sun dried tomatoes, black olives and rocket on a warm ciabatta. It costs £2.30… which I think is a steal for the quality of the ingredients and the sandwich itself.

Usually when we head to Woody’s we’re going for a walk somewhere around Endcliffe Park, so we sit in and I wash my butty down with a cup of tea. It was too busy today – the students are back and word has clearly spread that their sandwiches are the best in Sheffield, so we headed home and enjoyed out sandwiches in the comfort of our own home/heating.

If you live in Sheffield and you haven’t been to Woody’s yet, I’d recommend a visit. Are you a creature of habit too? Don’t go for your usually sandwich choice… pick something fresh and new from their boards. You will not be disappointed.

Hayley Jayne xx


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