Home popped popcorn is TOO MUCH FUN!

DSC_0870Tonight we had a lazy tea. An M&S dine for £10 meal kept us fed and watered this evening (it is pay day after all). We had the parmesan and lemon chicken, with rosemary potatoes, carrots and cheeseboard. We also bought a lovely bottle of Temparillo, but we’re saving that til tomorrow. I had enough wine last night.

Whilst wandering the aisles of an eerily quiet M&S, oooing and aaaahing at lots of lovely packaged posh produce, I stumbled across popping corn and realised that I’d never popped corn at home before! HOW?! At £1.59, it seemed daft not to give it a whirl (or a pop).

Apparently it takes 5 minutes on the hob, I must have been doing it wrong as it took me about 10 minutes. If you’ve never popped corn before… IT’S SO MUCH FUN watching the popping corns bouncing around a pan. The first few took me by surprise. Watching them pop is oddly fascinating and mesmerising.

I served mine in my ramekins and went for four differnt flavours:

  • Nutella (melted on the hob on a low heat and mixed with a drop of water) 
  • Honey
  • Sugar and cinnamon
  • Golden syrup

It’s safe to say that my favourite flavours were honey and Nutella. The sugar and cinnamon one needed more sugar, so if you try this flavour, sprinkle in the sugar generously.

Pop cornThinking of popping your own corn? It’s sooooo easy. All you need is a pan with a sturdy lid, some oil, some popping corn and something to flavour it with.

I’m defiantly more a sweet popcorn gal than a savoury gal! What popcorn flavour should I try next readers?

Hayley Jayne x


4 Responses to “Home popped popcorn is TOO MUCH FUN!”

  1. judilyn

    This may sound heretical . . . but we eat it just plain – as is – no salt, no butter, no sweet stuff. Granted, it is sooo delicious loaded down with butter and salt (butter is my FAVORITE FLAVOR!), but it is somehow quite satisfying au naturel.


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