Paracetamol and Tomato Soup


Tonight I’m blogging from bed. After a cocktail of paracetamol, Heinz tomato soup and buttery bread for tea, I slept solid for four hours, only to be woken up my Dan when he popped in to check my temperature [bless]. I feel achey, tired, dizzy and queasy. The thought of food makes my stomach turn. I may have Norovirus you know – after writing a feature for it for work, I’ve only gone and potentially contracted it. It’s not very nice. As I type, I’m trying my best not to be sick. The Heinz helped.

There’s a whole host of recipes I want to try. I’m soon to inherit a food processor from my lovely friend Pennie so I’ll be cooking up a storm with that, including making my own almond and basil pesto (I’ll be dreaming about this all week). We also need to do a food shop and buy some new ingredients, all we have in is bread, a few frozen chips and some veg that seems to be clinging on to colour for dear life. My kitchen is calling me… it feels lost, lonely and confused!

Sorry for another cop-out post, I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow! If you love baking, check out my friend Rokhi’s Instagram feed – she’s been on a baking mission this past few days and her baked goods look delish!

Keep on reading – there’ll be more recipes coming soon…

Hayley Jayne xx


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