You know you’re becoming a foodie when…

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My transition from non-foodie to foodie obsessive happen last year. We moved house. We settled in. I began to feel ‘at one’ with our kitchen. I wanted to feel healthier and understand what I was putting in my body. Cooking became my outlet.

Like brush to canvas and hand to clay, the opportunity to create a beautiful and tasty dish is a wonderful and healthy creative outlet. I’m no master chef – let’s be honest, but I love experimenting in the kitchen. All I want to do is cook and make as much as I can from scratch.

I knew I was becoming a foodie when I’d much rather spend my afternoon browsing the food stalls in Castle Market than trying on ‘hipster’ dresses in Topshop. When I’d get excited about the prospect of cooking for friends and having them over for dinner… instead of going clubbing. I also knew I was becoming a foodie when I turned my nose up at pre-made stuff. I NEVER buy pasta sauces, with the exception of red pesto, and even then it’s on my list to learn how to make. I’m now on a mission to cook as much as I can from scratch.

It’s strange, you’d think that becoming obsessed with food would make me gain a few pounds. The opposite has happened. Now I know what goes into my food, I have a better understanding of where the ‘unhealthy’ stuff lies, and where this can be eliminated. My portion sizes are much smaller and I eat much more fresh food. (Skip the next sentence boys)… Without really trying my body is much more toned and my reduction of saturated fats is blasting my cellulite… it’s amazing.

Becoming a foodie hasn’t happened out of choice or over night. I’d put it down to age (I’m nearly 24 – help) and attention to health, in addition to me seeking a new hobby. It’s something I genuinely enjoy and exploring food and flavours has become a big part of my life.

Like Julia Childs says in ‘Julie & Julia’… She loved to eat. As do I. Without food my life would be… bland.

Foodie bloggers and food fans, when did you relise you were becoming a food-obsessive?

Hayley-Jayne x


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