Recipe #4: Quick fix strawberry pot pie


It was 10.30 PM last night and me and Dan we’re feeling a little peckish (again). Our taste-buds we’re craving something sugary and sweet… but neither of us wanted to pig out on a huge bar of dairy milk and feel like rubbish again (I’m still on chocolate rations post Christmas).

I had an idea!

In the cupboard we had some canned strawberries, raisins and the ingredients to make pastry. In a moment of sweet-toothed baking excitment, I dashed to the kitchen and go to work on making some cute little fruit pot pies for the two of us. I personalised them with a ‘H’ and ‘D’ on top with my left over pastry and used the syrup left over from the canned strawberries to make a coulis. It was so easy to make and a much healthier option to a big bar of chocolate. Here’s how I made my quick fix strawberry pot pies…

Ingredients (serves 2):

Enough flour to make the pastry to cover your ramkins

Half the amount of caster sugar + extra 2 tablespoons for coulis

A dollop of butter

Canned strawberries

Handful of rasins

Ice cream to serve


  1. Separate your canned strawberries from the syrup and place them in your ramekins. Place your syrup to one side. 
  2. Sprinkle the strawberries with your rasins and caster sugar and mix. Pour in some of the strawberry syrup about 1/3 deep.
  3. To make your pastry add your flour, caster sugar and butter and mix until you have breadcrumb texture. Add a teaspoon of strawberry syrup at a time until the pastry mix binds together. Make sure you don’t add too much, as this will make it sticky. If it does become to sticky, add more flour to even it out.
  4. Roll out your pastry and cut in to circles big enough to cover your ramekins. Decorate them with left over pastry if you wish.
  5. Place in the oven for 25 mins or until the strawberry syrup begins to bubble over and/or your pastry has browned slightly.
  6.  To make the coulis, add the syrup to a pan (I used a shallow pan), add 2 tablespoons of sugar and heat on a high heat/boil until it thickens. (Once served, rinse your pan straight away to stop it from sticking).
  7. Serve and enjoy!

The verdict: 

Dee-lish! I love making fruit pot pies (and they’re so cheap to make). I will be making this one again – maybe with cooking apples next time :).

Hayley-Jayne xx


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