The temptation of TV dinners


Tonight we’re having a TV dinner. It’s late, I’m tired and Dan’s cooking. We’re having mash, cod and beans which I will eat on my lap infront of first look Hollyoaks, obviously! There’s nothing exciting to report on the food front this evening, I’m afraid.

Everyone loves a TV dinner and I did have homemade lentil soup (recipe to follow) for lunch, so I can *kind of* get away with being a bit naughty this evening. I can’t help finding comfort in the combination of carbs and TV… it’s like a warm snuggly duvet for the soul, each mouthful washes away all recollection of the working day, until your brain is transfixed on chewing-gum TV, until you fall asleep.

Right now, my tummy is rumbling and I can’t wait to find out if Tony and Jackie are still getting it on in Hollyoaks village. This will most likely be followed up by an episode of How I Met Your Mother (which I LOVE), potentially the Big Bang Theory and they whatever’s on the box that isn’t football or sport related.

When I’ve felt lonesome or sad… I’ve found comfort in carbs and TV. I had a terrible sleep last night, I’m still trying to kick lingering post-festive sugar addiction, subsequently my face looks a kids dot-to-dot book and we have a funeral coming up this month. I will NOT feel guilty about this.

I promise to make up for it with a super tricky challenge of three completely new recipes this weekend.

Hayley-Jayne x


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