When I’m poorly, all I want is comfort food!

I’m home from work. Dan is heating up last night’s sweet potato and coconut curry and buttering me up some bread while I type away, waiting for my painkillers to kick in.

My sinuses feel like they’re about to explode. I’ve been getting sinus infections ever since I was a teenager and they seem to be getting worse with age. All I want to do is eat warm, hearty food, nibble on naughty cheese, wrap myself up in a duvet and drift off into a sleepy abyss where my head doesn’t hurt as much anymore.

While I know it’s mainly my sinuses… I don’t  think it has been helped by all the chocolate I’ve been eating over Christmas. I feel like I’m on a sugar come-down. At one point, eating too much chocolate made my head hurt, now a day without eating chocolate is actually painful. I only really indulge in chocolate at Christmas… come New Year I’m going cold turkey, my tummy is rubmling and I’m spending my days trying to satisfy sugar cravings with apples – believe me it doesn’t work.

If I feel better this evening I’ll be cooking up some tasty lentil soup for work tomorrow. If I don’t, I’ll be tucking into some spicy chutney cheese on the sofa (with the TV nearly on mute) until I drift off.

I shall blog again soon…

Hayley-Jayne x


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